Salman Shah Wallpaper Pictures And Unknown Information (3rd Part)

Salman's Astrological Sign : Virgo (Kanya Rashi)
Marriage Day : 12th August or 20th December 1992
Wife's Name : Samira
Brother : Shaharan Evan Chowdhury
School : Boyra Model High School, Khulna
SSC : Arab Mission School, Dhanmandi, Dhaka
I.Com : Adamji Cantonment Collage
B.Com : Maleka Science Collage, Dhanmondi, Dhaka
Professional Career Started From : 1986
Aged When Die : 25 (Twenty Five Years Old)
Total Film Number of Salman Shah: 27

Bangladeshi Glamorous Celebrity Salman Shah Movie Wallpaper Pictures (3rd Part) :
salman shah
salman shah
salman shah
salman shah
salman shah
salman shah
We The Fans of BD Actor Hero Salman Shah Are Praying for His Soul. May Almighty Rest Him In Peace. Salmansa's Family Claimed Some Ones for His Unclear Death. But After More Than 15 Years The Clues of Salman Shah's Death Is Still Undetectable. People Know That, It Was A Self-Killing Murder but Most of Them Don't Believe.